Question: Can You Take Your Own Drinks Into Odeon Cinema?

Can I bring my own drink to the movies?


Actually, bottled water is the only beverage a guest can bring into a movie theater without ever being hassled over.

If they bring their own bottle, even an empty one that they’ll fill at the fountain, that is perfectly up to them..

Why is popcorn at the movies so expensive?

The purpose of expensive popcorn is not to extract a lot of money from customers. That purpose would be better served by cheap popcorn and expensive movie tickets. … Popcorn lovers, who have more fun at the movies, pay more for their additional pleasure.

Can you get in trouble for sneaking food into a movie?

A: It’s possible, but you’ll have to do more than just sneak in food. The prohibition of outside food at movie theaters is a rule set by the private company, not a law. … If a person who sneaks food into a theater refuses to leave, he or she could be arrested for trespassing.

Is it illegal to sneak into a different movie?

A movie ticket is in essence a legal license to be at the theater for the viewing of a particular movie. This license is what keeps the law from considering you a trespasser. … In most states, like Texas, criminal trespass is a misdemeanor and it is possible to face jail time for hopping movies.

How do you sneak food into movies?

The Best Way to Sneak Food into the Movie TheatreBring items already sold at the theatre. PIN IT. Photo Courtesy of Jeff Adair on Flickr. … Empty out snacks into Ziplock bags. PIN IT. Photo Courtesy of Paige Twombly. … Don’t bring anything too smelly. PIN IT. gif courtesy of … Use your clothing. PIN IT. … Bring a really big bag with you. PIN IT.

Can you take your own drinks into Odeon?

Please note that Islington’s Luxe & Dine ‘external food and drink’ policy does not authorise guests to bring food and drinks that have not been purchased in the cinema.

Are you allowed to take your own food into cinemas?

You won’t be able to take food into the theatre, but you need to check with the theatre about what the policies are regarding the size of bags.

Are you allowed to bring your own snacks to the cinema?

You’re welcome to bring your own cold food and non-alcoholic drinks into any of our venues. I hope this helps.” Odeon also added: “Hi! No problem at all, we just ask that they aren’t hot, too smelly or alcoholic.”

How do you get 2 for 1 Odeon tickets?

Buy a National Lottery ticket, scratch card or Instant Win game and you’ll be able to get two free tickets to the cinema on 19 or 20 June 2021. There’s a huge range of cinemas taking part, including Odeon, Cineworld, Picturehouse, Curzon and Vue as well as many independents.

Why is movie theater popcorn so good?

Most theaters don’t use real butter, but some form of buttery topping, which is basically just butter-flavored oil. The lower water content in oil makes for less soggy popcorn, something we can all get behind. … This often means way more oil and salt than you’ll find in a bag of microwaveable popcorn.

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