Quick Answer: Does Amazon Own Atom Tickets?

Can I buy movie tickets on Amazon?

Now you can buy movie tickets with Amazon’s IMDb app.

Movie database resource giant IMDb, launched in 1990 and acquired by Amazon in 1998, just updated its mobile apps to allow users to purchase movie tickets directly from the app itself.

What is Atom movie tickets?

Atom is a revolutionary movie ticketing service that makes it easy to go to the movies. We’ve simplified everything from finding the right movie and coordinating with friends to buying tickets, pre-ordering concessions and even skipping all the lines at the theater.

Does AMC accept atom tickets?

Online movie ticketing app Atom Tickets is expanding its pre-order food and beverage service to include AMC Theatres in addition to Regal Theatres. And if theaters consent, discounts could kick in depending upon the number of tickets bought by a given group.

How do you use atom movie tickets?

Use the Atom Tickets app or go to atomtickets.com and browse for movies playing in your area. When you find a movie you’d like to see, just select a showtime and proceed to purchase your ticket. Your ticket will appear as a QR code which is sent to your mobile phone or email.

Can you change movie times on Fandango?

Yes, in certain limited circumstances, you may exchange or request a refund for your entire order, less the convenience fee, through Fandango up until the posted showtime. You’ll have to complete your refund and exchange before the posted showtime. For full terms and conditions, please see our Fandango Ticket Policy.

Does Amazon Fire Stick have FandangoNow?

FandangoNow devices

You can also watch using your Xbox One and on both iOS and Android devices have apps for FandangoNow that allow you to download movies for offline viewing. Unfortunately, PlayStation, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire customers (including Fire Stick, TV, and Tablet) are out of luck.

How can I get cheap movie tickets?

How to Get Cheap Movie Tickets: 8 Ways to Save at the Cinema

  • Click the banner below for local movie deals on our site.
  • Purchase a dinner-and-a-movie package.
  • Go to the matinee.
  • Check for a senior discount.
  • Check for a student discount.
  • Browse discount movie ticket apps like DealFlicks.
  • Find a free screening.

How can I get free movie tickets?

Here are 15 ways to save on movie tickets.

  1. Watch for Free Movie Ticket Offers. Brand New Images/Getty Images.
  2. Attend a Free Screening.
  3. Go to the Movies on a Weekday.
  4. Go to a Drive-In Theater.
  5. Go Early for Cheaper Movie Tickets.
  6. Work Your Memberships.
  7. Buy Your Movie Tickets in Bulk.
  8. Enter Sweepstakes to Win Movie Tickets.

Does atom tickets charge a fee?

Atom Tickets added a processing fee of around 7%, but food and ticket prices remained the same as if we had bought them at the theater.

Do you have to print AMC tickets?

Some AMC Theaters require that you take your confirmation page to the theater at showtime to pick up your tickets. Others allow you to print your tickets on your personal printer. See past ticket transactions by clicking on the “Order History” tab; you can reprint your confirmation page and your ticket this way.

How much is a AMC ticket?

AMC Ticket Prices

Children (ages 2-12) $10.69
Adults (ages 13 & up) $13.69
Seniors (ages 60+) $12.69
Student Discount (Only On Thursdays) $12.69

21 more rows

Does Regal accept atom tickets?

Regal Entertainment, the country’s second-largest theater chain, will no longer sell tickets to the movies it exhibits on Atom Tickets, Variety has learned.

Do you have to print out movie tickets?

It’ll depend on the theater chain, but typically you don’t need to print out tickets to see a movie. Also, at theaters like this you can likely stop by a kiosk or at their concierge and use the confirmation number from your e-mail from fandango to print out tickets at the theater.

Do you have to print online movie tickets?

If you have a smartphone, you can pull up your receipt when arriving at the theater, or you can print your tickets at your local library. Do I have to print the movie ticket(s) I’ve ordered online? It is not necessary to print the movie tickets (unless it is written on the website of the movie theater).

How do you order snacks on atom?

In the app:

  • Tap on the Atom Hub at the top left of the screen.
  • Tap on “Tickets & Rallies”
  • Tap on “View Tickets”
  • Scroll down under the QR code until you see “Your Snacks”
  • Concessions can be added by scrolling and selecting the item icons shown, or by selecting “View All Snacks” to view all concessions options.