Quick Answer: Can I Use MoviePass On Fandango?

Can I use MoviePass to order tickets online through sites like Fandango?


MoviePass requires you be within 100 yards of the theater (using the GPS on your phone) to check into a screening.

Note: A small percentage of theaters do allow ticketing directly through the MoviePass app, but the vast majority do not.

Can you see more than one movie a day with MoviePass?

Currently, MoviePass subscribers can see one movie a day for $9.95 a month. However, 85 percent of these customers see three or fewer movies a month, MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe said in the release, and his company is now focusing on those customers.

Can you use Fandango gift card for concessions?

You end up feeling like an idiot for paying to do something everyone else is doing for free. Additionally, unlike other movie theater gift cards, you can’t use this one to buy concessions. However, Fandango has signs posted making it appear as though you can use it for that purpose.

How do I use my MoviePass card?

This is how it works

  • Get your card. Sign up now and your card will be shipped immediately.
  • Download the App. Browse theaters and showtimes on the Moviepass app.
  • Go to MoviePass! Check in on the app, then use your Moviepass card to purchase your movie ticket!

Can you buy advance tickets with MoviePass?

This MoviePass Rival Lets You Buy Tickets in Advance

For $4.99 per month, customers can get one movie ticket per month to any 2-D feature film while $6.99 gets them two tickets per month. Sinemia customers can buy tickets up to 30 days in advance and select their seats.